$$$ Huxtable, 131 Smith Street, Fitzroy




This was our first time up north! Huxtable was pulled out, a recommendation from my chiropractor to go in the jar! A fresh modern Australian sharing plate restaurant.



Entree was a roll from the ‘bites’ menu



#4 – Jalapeño & Cheddar Croquette


As suspected for $3.50, it was for one croquette, so we ordered one each! It was a little underwhelming when arriving at our table, two potato balls on a plate. They were however yum! smooth, creamy potato, with a hint a jalapeño, which did make them interesting. It wasn’t overpowering.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                 8                   Yes

B           No                 7                   No



We didn’t have to think hard about whether we should order another entree!

#7 – Tempura eggplant prawn fritter, shiso


Prawn fritter = delicious, you could clearly taste the prawn, which can sometimes be the downfall of a fritter like this. The batter was crispy and not oily and had a really nice coating, the flavour combination worked really well.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                8.5                   Yes

B          Yes                7.5                   Yes




As this was a sharing plate menu, we would roll one from each of the groups; sea, land and earth.



Roll for Sea

#4 – Smoked Eel, apple jelly, pink fir potatoes, horseradish


Eel …. as you can image our faces were not overly impressed. Should we roll again, can we? No we cannot. We reminded ourselves that isn’t the purpose of Jar Fed!

So smoked eel it would be, I am not the biggest fan of smoked flavours, Elaine however loves them! The dish arrived at our table, and wow, effort was made to plate it. We each dug in, and to our surprise it was cold!
It worked though, Elaine preferred the dish, with a strong smokey flavour, I thought the dish worked better with all elements combined. The potato and the apple jelly toned down the strong flavour. High scores, yes, but would we order it again? No. Good dish to try, but not going to become something we eat regularly.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E           No                 8                   No

B           No                 8                   No



Roll for Earth

#3 – Grilled fennel, orange, goats, cheese, hazelnuts and radicchio


Of the 5 earth choices, this wasn’t the favoured. It was a good surprise though. Again the flavours all worked well together, the goats cheese didn’t dominate. Fennel is a more common vegetable in Ireland than Australia, so this wasn’t unusual for Elaine, its becoming a bit of a trendy vegetable here in Australia.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E           No                 7                   Yes

B           No                 8                   Yes



Roll for Land

#1 – Chilli braised oxtail, daikon, pan fried rice stick, white kim chi


Another dish that wouldn’t be our usual choice, oxtail isn’t available at your run of the mill restaurant! It was interesting, the meat was tender and fell apart, we both agreed it was very tasty.

We didn’t agree on the rice sticks, Elaine thought they were delicious and couldn’t get enough of them! I thought they were stodgy. Overall it was unique and very tasty.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E           No                 9                   Yes

B           No                 7                   Yes






#3 – Pear & frangipane tart, yoghurt sorbet


There were a few yummy sounding deserts on the menu. We rolled the pear and frangipane tart. There was some kind of floss ontop, which Elaine LOVED ! The tart was a really nice ending to the meal, it isn’t something either of us usually lean towards, but it wasn’t too heavy and was really delicious.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E           No                8.5                 Yes

B           No                 9                   Yes


Huxtable has some good ideas and they definitely know how to compliment ingredients. The menu is very trendy and different, but the prices reflect this. Its on the more expensive side of our Jar Fed restaurants, but the ambiance and feel just don’t quite make the grade.

They seem to have been half hearted with the decor, its semi trendy, leaning on the casual side. The couches are cool, but they have them teamed with uncomfortable cheap chairs, may seem silly but if you are out for a nice meal, you are more likely to stay and eat / drink more if you are comfortable !

The food is special however its more of a special occasion, not an everyday kind of cuisine.


           Overall                  Back

           Score /10              Soon?


E            7.5            Its a special occasion kinda place!

B             7              Its a special occasion kinda place!


Price: Two Entrees, Two Mains, One Salad & One Dessert


Total – $106 (Two People)


Jalapeño & Cheddar Croquette- $3.50 each
Tempura eggplant prawn fritter- $5.50 each
Smoked eel- $29.00
Grilled fennel salad – $16.00
Chilli braised oxtail- $29.00
Pear & frangipane tart- $14.00




E & B xx

Huxtable on Urbanspoon

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