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Charlie dumpling opened up on high street, Prahran late 2013/early 2014 and we’ve been excited to give it a try, nearly went a few times pre Jarfed but held off! So when it was pulled out of the jar for this edition we were both super excited! Its not your traditional dumpling house!



a roll from the “small bites” menu



#5 – Kingfish Sashimi, fennel, ponzu,horseradish



This was top of my list to try on the small bites menu! YAY! This dish and the five spiced chicken ribs. So I was pretty happy the roll went our way! We had recently been to chin chin and the Kingfish Sashimi there is super special so this dish had high expectations and boy did it deliver !! To be on par and in the same company as chin chin is saying it all !! AMAZING.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                  10                 Yes

B          Yes                 10                  Yes



#7 – Grilled wombok hearts, wasabi, cashew nut


When we counted to 7, Elaine’s face was in shock, I was confused, what does she have against wombok ?! “Isn’t that the animal, I can’t eat that” Ahhhh it became clear, She was thinking of a wombat !!! Hilarious, no this wasn’t the animal, it was wombok! Chinese cabbage! It was a fresh change from Chinese broccoli which is often accompanied with dumplings. I was concerned the wasabi would be hot but you couldn’t really taste it, the dressing really went well with the crispness of the wombok.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E           No                 8                   Yes

B          Yes                 8                   Yes




“Savory Dumplings” menu



We decided straight off we would get prawn dumplings, because they are something that we both love and then roll for another two types, so we had a nice variety.


#9 – Classic Pork Bun


Sneaky pork bun at the bottom of the menu! It looks a little lonely in the dish but how else would you present a pork bun! We decided we would just get one pork bun to share so we could still try a variety of dumplings! It was sweet and fresh and the pork inside was tender, so all in all a good quality pork bun.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E           No                  7                   Yes

B          Yes                  7                   Yes





#6 – Chicken, ginger, cabbage and crispy skin


These were certainly not your traditional dumpling. The little parcels were a chicken mix rolled in a cabbage leaf/outer with crispy fried skin as a crunch ontop. Yum, chicken skin is delicious, so you can imagine fried crispy chicken skin is ultra delicious!  The dumplings themselves were lighter than traditional dumplings, a good combination to share with other varieties because the cabbage outer isn’t heavy and doughy. The ginger didn’t really shine, which I liked because I’m not the biggest fan of ginger, but for those expecting a ginger hit will be disappointed.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E           No                  8                 Maybe

B           No                  8                   Yes



#4 – Crispy salmon, tobbiko, leek and turmeric


Again not your traditional dumpling!and not at all what we were expecting. We certainly have a knack for rolling seafood items and these were not something we were excited about. We didn’t really know what to expect but we did think they would be very fishy and were apprehensive. When they arrived we were surprised, little salmon balls. We were blown away, the sauce that accompanies the dumplings is out of this world! a perfect combination. Its so unique I don’t even think we could begin to describe it, defiantly one you have to go and try for yourselves!   


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E           No                 10                 Yes

B           No                 10                 Yes



Steamed prawn and bamboo shoot har gow, sweetcorn, XO


Our selection, prawn dumpling, were more on the traditional side! They sat in a bed of sweet corn puree which was sweet but not too sweet, the dumpling case was fresh and not starchy and the prawn filling was up there with the best we’ve had. Certainly did not disappoint.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                 9.5                 Yes

B          Yes                 10                  Yes




“Sweet Dumplings” Menu



Upon finishing work and arriving home, it was the usual, check facebook, check instagram routine. Charlie dumpling has just posted the nights dessert special, Peanut butter mochi and banana cream, honeycomb and salted chocolate. As I was drooling at the photo, I was saying to myself remember to show Elaine! How could we not order the special when faced with this;


Wow, Elaine scored it a 20/10. It was special ! The outer chocolate layer looked like it was chocolate dipped but then when you put your spoon into it, it was gooey and the banana center was revealed. They were sweet but not too rich. Like dumplings we had never seen before!


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                  20            Yes, Now Please!

B          Yes                  9                  Yes


*Special note: these are now on the regular menu YAY!


#1 – Milk Chocolate dumplings with raspberry-chilli sorbet


This is a dish on the urban list top 50 dishes you must try in Melbourne. So we were pretty stoked when we rolled it! All the desserts do sound delicious though, they also have some cheesecake dumplings, which sound amazing so we will have to go back and try those! These are like little dumpling donuts with a chocolate centre, I forgot that the raspberry sorbet had a hint of chilli in, which does explain why I thought it was a bit odd. Elaine loved the sorbet but I think I preferred the dumplings on there own.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                 8                   Yes

B          Yes                 8                   Yes





To finish you were presented with these cute fortune cookies, which were a quirky touch. Overall we were nothing short of blown away! All the food we had was fresh and tasty and unique to other dumpling houses, they have made a classic favorite with a twist. The downside is the restaurant is small, so getting a seat can be difficult, we arrived at 6.30PM and were only left with bar seats, which aren’t that great because of the tight fit, if only there was that extra half a metre behind the stools for a walkway. Over summer there will be additional seating outdoors which will be nice, however a little chilly over winter! The place has a nice feel and all the staff were attentive, We are asking ourselves, why hadn’t we been sooner!


           Overall                  Back

           Score /10              Soon?


E            10                  Absolutely!

B            9                    Absolutely!


Price: Three entrees, Three dumpling types & Two Desserts


Total – $98.60 (Two People)


Kingfish Sashimi- $18.00
Grilled wombok hearts- $15.00
Classic pork bun- $2.60 each
Chicken, ginger, cabbage and crispy skin- $11.00
Crispy salmon- $13.50
Steamed prawn- $12.50
Peanut butter mochi- $12.50
Milk Chocolate dumplings with raspberry-chilli sorbet- $13.50
E & B xx


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