$ I Love Pho, 264 Victoria Street, Richmond





We do indeed love Pho ! many times our work lunch table has been taken over on a friday lunch order with a variety of pho bowls, containers and cups! many times pho has been a remarkable hangover cure! we aren’t sure what is in the addictive noodle soup broth, but we are sure that the Vietnamese are smart and make it so addictive, we are always wanting more!


I love pho, is in the heart of Victoria Street, Richmond. Melbourne’s little Saigon (apparently!) aptly named for its abundance of Vietnamese restaurants and grocery shops. This is where you head for cheap, delicious, Vietnamese food so I love pho has some vast competition!




The I love pho menu is traditional Vietnamese, in the sense, that pho is the only dish on the menu! However they do have specials which include rice paper rolls and spring rolls. So we rolled our entree from the specials menu.


#4 – Pork & Prawn Rice Paper Rolls

photo 1

These rice paper rolls were quick to the table, they were very fresh and didn’t have too many noodles inside, which can sometimes be the downfall of rice paper rolls! The pork was thinly sliced, which wasn’t what I had imaged but quite liked! and each was filled with a good quantity of meat and prawns, The dipping sauce was satay-like but not a strong flavour. Would definitely enjoy these again.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                  7                  Yes

B          Yes                6.5                 Yes





#1 – Pho with Chicken and Beef Combination

photo 3

Elaine is usually a beef pho kind of girl! looking at the menu there were some interesting, to say the least, pho choices! chicken giblets, heart and liver was an option, perhaps your more traditional pho! She rolled, chicken and beef combination.


The beef was tender and the chicken was roasted, which delighted her taste buds. The broth did have an oily appearance however didn’t taste overly oily or fatty. The noodles seemed close to over cooked, they were a little bit slick, but not enough to be off- putting. For an experienced pho eater, this did not disappoint.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                 9                   Yes




#4 – Pho with Brisket

photo 5

Along with Elaine I am usually a beef pho kind of girl! I am going to be honest here, I am completely unfamiliar with brisket, apparently a muscle at the front of a cow, a meat which can be quite tough and fatty, it needs to be cooked for a long period of time. This must have been, because it was tender, however it did have some fatty parts, but you could pull them away.


It was delicious pho, however I’d probably stick to my beef choice over the brisket next time. The noodles in the pho also seemed a little over done, but again not enough to lower the score. Overall the dish was delicious, especially on a cold winter night!


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


B           No                 9                   No




Vietnamese Coleslaw with Lemon Beef

photo 3

Elaine saw the coleslaw advertisement on the wall, I love pho doesn’t sell desert, so why not try something else they had on offer. WOWEE, this was amazing, it was fresh and delicious! The freshness that Vietnamese cuisine is renowned for, it was fantastic.


This is a dish, you would most certainly crave and would want to go out to dinner for! To be honest, I would skip the pho and head straight for the Vietnamese coleslaw if it always tasted as amazing as this!


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                 10                 Yes

B           No                 10                 Yes



I love pho, isn’t about a dining experience, they are about good quality food, with fast service and good prices. We were asked to order three times within 2 minutes of sitting down! Its a get in, eat your delicious food, and get out kind of place and they don’t pretend to be any different!


They lose a few points for cash only (its 2014, probably time to invest in EFTPOS) but they do make up for that in flavour. On any given night, I’m sure they would cover 3-4 times the seating capacity, its a quick turnover and on a Wednesday night they were bustling! A good place to indeed get your pho hit, if you like us love pho!


           Overall                  Back

           Score /10              Soon?


E             8                 Pho hit, soon!

B             8                 Pho hit, soon!


Price: One Entree, One Main & Two Pho’s


Total – approximately $35.00 (Two People)


Rice paper rolls- <$10.00
Pho- approximately $10.00
Vietnamese coleslaw- approximately $10.00


E & B xx

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