$ Tuckshop Takeaway, 273 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield North





**special edition** Jarfed


As Elaine flew off to her motherland for a whirlwind holiday there was no Jarfed this fortnight! But never-fear we managed a second special edition before she left!

We had followed Tuckshop Takeaway on Instagram for a little while, drooled at some food porn that they had posted and spent many (many) minutes being distracted by the various milkshake flavour combinations, soft serve surprises and delicious looking hamburgers.

It had previously been a part of quite a few lunch order Friday discussions, usually dismissed because it’s sad to say, we had to work and the distance was a problem! But once again it came into our minds and was discussed probably too much one afternoon! This was our chance, work had calmed down and given us some breathing space, space to drive up the road !

So we got everyone involved / excited / everyone that was going to be working this particular Friday! Discussions about orders began on cue…. As soon as people got into the office around 8am ! It’s hard to concentrate and do too much work when we had to plan our meals & treats!

We all decided to go traditional, minor burger & cuts (chips if you hadn’t figured that one out), a variety of milkshakes and a treat!


Minor Burger



The minor burger is the traditional beef burger, sweet style bun, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, american cheese (aka high vis yellow cheese!) and tuckshop sauce. Taking into consideration we are located 15 minutes down the road in our scores. This burger is the perfect size for 95% of people! It’s not too big, it’s all about the quality and the burger is DELICIOUS !! The more people to judge, the more variety! Some people felt the sauce was a little sloppy, others loved the sauce. I recommend everyone try it for themselves because I personally thought they were up with the best burgers I’ve ever had!


              Score             Order

               /10              Again?


Elaine        9                  Yes

Bez          9.5                Yes


Special Edition Guests


               Score             Order

               /10              Again?


Matt          9.5               Yes

Eliza           7                 Yes

Ben            8                 Yes

Brian           8                Yes

Jade          7.5               Yes




The cuts are real potato, cut into quite small chips, which does mean you get lots of crispy little pieces, most of us loved them, they weren’t piping hot when they reached the office but at least one bag was gobbled up pretty quickly!



The chip debate ended divided. Some people liked them, others were not won over. A suggestion to increase the score was to incorporate a dipping sauce. If Tuckshop can create that delicious secret sauce on the burgers. I’m sure in the future some chip dips could be on the cards and if not, maybe they will be now…. you are welcome!


                Score             Order

               /10              Again?


Elaine         7                  Yes

Bez          8.5                 Yes


Special Edition Guests


             Score             Order

               /10              Again?


Matt           7                 Yes

Eliza           7                 Yes

Ben            7                 Yes

Brian          5                 Yes

Jade          5.5                No




photo 1

This is where things got interesting. The debate was on, was this a milk flavoured drink OR a milkshake ! Many believed that there was no ice cream and therefore it was a milk flavoured drink. As a milk drink the flavours were crazy, how do they even get that redskin flavour?! It definitely bought you back to your child hood! As a milkshake some were disappointed! The paper straws are a fun novelty, even if they aren’t the most practical.



Bez 10 (milk drink) / 8 (milkshake)

Eliza    9 (milk drink)  / 7 (milkshake)

Matt  9.8 (milk drink)  / 6 (milkshake)


Salted Caramel

Ben   7.5 (milk drink) / 5 (milkshake)

Eliza   8 (milk drink)  / 7 (milkshake)

Matt    9 (milk drink)  / 6 (milkshake)

Brian  9 (milk drink)  / 6 (milkshake)

Jade   8 (milk drink)  / 6.5 (milkshake)






photo 2

The redskin icing (if you would call it that?!) is what makes this brownie amazing! It’s certainly the star of the show! The brownie itself is quite standard, perhaps even a little dry, but it doesn’t matter, because we would all get it again! The redskin flavour is a master stroke!


             Score             Order

               /10              Again?


Matt          7.5                Yes

Eliza           9                  Yes

Ben            9                  Yes

Brian         8.5                 Yes

Bez          8.5                 Yes

Jade         7.5                 Yes




Tuckshop takeaway has a simple menu, they have created a super quirky old school space and after you experience the food and atmosphere you can see why on so many nights they put a sold out picture on Instagram! If you feel like an American old school meal of burger, fries and milkshake, most defiantly take a detour and check this place out!


              Score             Feast up

               /10               Again?


Elaine          8                Yes

Bez            9                 Yes

Matt           8                 Yes

Eliza           8                 Yes

Ben           8.5               Yes

Brian         8.5               Yes

Jade         7.5                Yes


I think 7 outstanding votes for YES says it all.


Minor Burger – $9.50 each
Cuts – $5.00 per serve
Junior Milkshake – $4.00 each
Senior Milkshake – $7.00 each


E & B xx

Tuck Shop Take Away on Urbanspoon

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