$$$ San Telmo, 4 Meyers Place, Melbourne



This was our first Jar-Fed experience with a guest!! Finally someone had decided to take the plunge with us and allow the random number generator to choose their meals!

Brian is a fellow colleague and long time friend of Elaine’s, He worked at some of Melbourne’s fancy restaurants before he fell into working with us! So he does know his food! As our guest for the evening we wanted him to pick the restaurant out of the jar, but alas that old chestnut work got in the way and we were impatient so it was Elaine who got the honours.



San Telmo is an Argentinian restaurant in one of Melbourne’s famous lane ways, it made it into the jar following another blogs review on places with amazing steaks! The menu is designed to share, so we decided we would share two entrees, from the charcoal grill one smaller and two larger meats, two sides and two desserts.






#10 – Palmitos: Palmheart, preserved pear, jamón and buffalo mozzarella


This was a fresh salad, very simple flavours. It was tasty, however questionable if it is value for money, but when you are about to have a feast full of meat, it is a nice choice to start with a lighter entree.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E           Yes                7.5                 Yes

B           No                7.5                  Yes

G           No                 4                    No

(We will call Brian, G for Guest!!)



#11 – Sardinas: Char grilled sardines with radish, pickled chilli and aioli


Sardines are an acquired taste! I was scared! However they weren’t too fishy like I thought they might be. The little bones are a little annoying, you do eat the whole thing (I think you are supposed to eat the head, but baby steps!) The sauce that accompanied them had a touch of garlic and was delicious, because sardines have a strong flavour you can match them with a strong sauce without it being overpowering.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E           No                  6                  No

B           No                  6                  No

G          Yes                  7                  No







#2 – Morcilla: Spiced black sausage


Black sausage is common in Ireland, so this wasn’t anything new to Elaine or Brian. Its not so common in Australia, so this was my first experience! Turns out this was a good one to try, the veterans said this was a very good quality black sausage. The thought of it is a little off putting, but the actual flavour is quite delicious, it was a little boring on its own, so would have been nice if it arrived with the sides or had a little something on the side itself, but overall was a dish we would order again.


         Usually            Score             Order

        Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                  8                 Yes

B           No                  8                 Yes

G          Yes                7.5                Yes







#2 – Pollo: Free range corn fed half chicken with minced garlic


I don’t get overly excited over chicken, usually its just an everyday kind of food! But this was special, the flavour was jam packed! Quite a lot of garlic (so probably skip, if you are on a date!) It was moist and juicy, definitely a good choice to share and experience a few different meats.


         Usually            Score             Order

         Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                 8.5                No

B           No                  8                  Yes

G          Yes                8.5                 Yes




#4 – Entraña: O’Connor premium pasture fed hanger steak


We had to try one of the steaks! Brian had an insight into hanger steak, it was often known as the butchers steak, because butchers would keep it for themselves rather than offer it for sale and it should be served rare or medium rare to avoid toughness! We knew we invited  Brian for a reason!! The presentation was great and they had a fantastic flavour to it, however I found it a little chewy. Elaine and Brian would order it again, but i’d probably go with a different cut.


         Usually            Score             Order

         Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                8.5                Yes

B          Yes                 7                  No

G           No                 8                  Yes







#2 – Ensalada de farro: Coal roasted eggplant, pickled cauliflower, farro,

purple kale and almonds


Elaine was excited when this dish was rolled, it was one of the sides she was excited to try. Brian and I were not as excited, I would have loved to try the duck fat roasted potatoes, definitely next time! It was strange, we weren’t expecting it to be a cold dish so that was a little bit of a shock, but I found the flavours to work really well together. This dish definitely got mixed reactions, so I guess its one you have to try for yourself!


         Usually            Score             Order

         Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                  2                  No

B           No                  4                  No

G           No                  7                  Yes



#4 – Zanahorias: Burnt carrots with hazelnuts and thyme and garlic goats curd


Carrots are not my favourite vegetable, this is well known amongst friends, so take one look at the three 10 scores below and I don’t think we need to say anything more. This is a dish that I would want to go back to a restaurant for! The sentence, lets go to San Telmo for those carrots, will at some stage be leaving my lips! Amazing texture and flavour.


         Usually            Score             Order

        Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                 10                Yes

B           No                 10                Yes

G          Yes                 10                Yes







#2 – Flan: Dulce de leche crème caramel with salted peanut praline


I was the only one that would have ordered this crème caramel! I do love a good crème caramel and this one delivered! The flavour packed a punch, from the first mouthful it was all wows at the table! Elaine and Brian are converted ! Another perfect score !!


         Usually            Score             Order

        Order?              /10              Again?


E           No                10                Yes

B          Yes                10                Yes

G           No                10                Yes



#3 – Ruibarbo hervido: Poached rhubarb, beetroot sorbet and meringue


This menu item has been tweaked since the website has been updated! There was definitely a beetroot component so this might not be the exact description (lesson to selves take a picture of the current menu!) Beetroot is an interesting choice for dessert, but it worked!! Brian isn’t a fan of an eton mess style dessert with meringue which is reflected in his score, but Elaine and I found the dessert fresh and light, a fantastic ending to a meal. The beetroot adds a zing, something different to the usual lemon zing!


         Usually            Score             Order

        Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                  9                 Yes

B          Yes                9.5                Yes

G           No                 6                  No


We tried to book a table on the day, only 5.45PM and 8.30PM were available so we made a mad rush after work in the suburbs and tried to get to the city for 5.45PM. It was as you probably would have guessed, a fail ! however they do have bar seats for walk-ins.

The bar seats are actually quite spacious and comfortable which is nice. The restaurant has a fantastic warm feel, the bar seats overlook the BBQs which is a modern look. The place was packed, however it didn’t feel crowded, its very well spaced.



           Overall                  Back

          Score /10              Soon?


Elaine        8                 Definitely! 

Bez           9                 Absolutely!

Brian         8                 Definitely! 


Price: Three entrees, Two Mains, Two sides & Two Desserts


Total – $167 (Three People)


Palmitos- $18.00
Sardines- $16.00
Spiced black sausage- $14.00
Chicken- $30.00
Hanger steak- $36.00
Roasted eggplant & cauliflower- $12.00
Burnt carrots- $13.00
Creme Caramel- $14.00
Poached rhubarb, beetroot sorbet and meringue- $14.00


We have many more dishes to try and with a few perfect 10 scores all round, I can’t wait to head back and discover some more!


E & B xx


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