$ Massive Wieners, Chapel Street, Prahran






Massive Wieners was one of the first of these super trendy American style diners to appear on Chapel Street. It’s very popular with the late night, after drinking crowd.


As the name suggests they serve wieners (not the urban dictionary definition!) Wieners of the hotdog variety, in 4 sizes, 3 on the menu, 3 inch, 6 inch and 12 inch, and the massive wiener which will get you on the photo wall, a MASSIVE 26 inches of hotdog! Eat it under 5 minutes and you are on the wall of fame, over 5 minutes the wall of shame, don’t finish it then you go under the bench with DNF!







ELAINE #1 – Classic – just the basics (ketchup, mustard, cheese & onion)
BEZ #2 – Kraut – the basics & tangy sauerkraut


Our order arrived swiftly which is important for the late night crowd! When you want food, you want it NOW! I’m not particularly a hotdog kind of person, except at 3am when I’m sure these would go down a treat! Elaine does love a hotdog and unfortunately this did not meet up to her previous standards. She felt there was a lack of sauce and onions. It rated quite low on her hotdog scale. For a placed named massive wieners we had higher expectations for the star of the show!


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                  2                  No

B           No                  5                  Yes





#2 – Disco Fries (fries, gravy, cheese & onion)


There was nothing stand out about these gravy fries, I found the gravy to be quite salty, the cheese wasn’t quite melted, as far as hot chips go, they were average.


          Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                  7                  Yes

B           No                  5                  No




The strawberry milkshake was exactly what you want out of a milkshake, thick and ice-creamy. Simply YUM.


           Usually            Score             Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                  9                  Yes

B          Yes                  9                  Yes


The overall atmosphere is quirky. There aren’t a lot of seats, its definitely a casual bite to eat. The novelty of making the photo wall is a bit of fun. Would you go and have a hotdog and catch-up with friends, unlikely, but you would be satisfied after midnight to fill your stomach before heading home!


            Overall                  Back

           Score /10              Soon?


E             6                  If we are passing!

B             5                  If we are passing!


Price: Two wieners & Fries


Total – $20* (Two People)


Classic- $6.00
Kraut– $7.00
Disco fries- $7.00

*Drinks not included


E & B xx



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