$$ The Local Taphouse, 184 Carlisle Street, St Kilda East



The Local Taphouse is a European inspired tavern with many many craft beers on tap for your drinking taste bud delight, but is it worth a trip to check out the food?

Elaine had been before and indulged in some beer, she had seen meals leaving the kitchen and was excited to head back! The tavern is two story and hosts various activities throughout the weeknights, there is an awesome outdoor terrace and a very cute eatery upstairs, which is where we dined.





#3 – Fish Tacos (with pickled vegetable slaw & homemade salsa)


The to share menu looks amazing, reading through you think, yes, yes, yes! They all sound delicious, the fish tacos were my least preferred choice of the whole menu! Not off to a good start, but once they arrived we were pleasantly surprised! They were far bigger than I imaged which equated to good value for money!

They were possibly the best fish tacos we have eaten in Melbourne !! Fresh, crispy and DELICIOUS !! They were absolutely amazing !


          Usually             Score            Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E           No                  10                Yes

B           No                 10                 Yes






#6 – Roasted Barramundi (soft herb polenta, romesco & piquello peppers)


We had mixed reviews on the barramundi dish. The barramundi was cooked to perfection, the skin was crispy! we both agreed with that! Elaine however was not familiar with polenta and was not a fan. She would have preferred the dish with some more tasty potatoes (perhaps her irish heritage!) I thought the dish was well balanced and light. Sometimes you want a nicer healthier dish for dinner.


          Usually             Score            Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                  7                   No

B          Yes                  8                   Yes




#9 – 3 Beer Beef Burger (german smoked beer marinated beef burger, pilsner battered onion ring & beer battered frites)


Its always good to give the burger a try at a tavern! The fries were tasty and crisp, the burger had potential, however the bun was large and dry, which really bought down the score. The ingredients were fresh but overall it lacked flavour and the wow factor.



          Usually             Score           Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes                 6                   No

B          Yes                 6                   No






Dark Chocolate & Citrus Bread & Butter Pudding (with spiced honey cream)


The only dessert on the menu, there was no roll of the dice! Bread and butter pudding isn’t generally our first choice! This was more like a scroll and was quite large. Our thoughts were, if you have one dessert on the menu, make it a good one, and this one wasn’t up there.


          Usually             Score            Order

          Order?              /10             Again?


E          Yes                  5                   No

B           No                  5                   No


The Local Taphouse is quaint and has a warm wonderful feel to it! The restaurant upstairs is actually really cute and romantic! We would love to go back and try many of the share menu dishes, they all sound amazing and I think that’s where their strength is!

Go for a beer or two and have a small bite to eat!


            Overall                  Back

          Score /10               Soon?


Elaine     7      To sample the share menu!

Bez        7       To sample the share menu!


Price: One Entree, Two Mains, One Dessert


Total – $82.00 (Two People)


E & B xx


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