$$ Sweetwater Inn, 60 Bray Street, South Yarra




The Sweetwater Inn is a quaint modern Australian restaurant just back from Chapel Street, South Yarra. Its decked out to be an old school country style farm house with lots of Australian nostalgic memorabilia on the walls and some of the cocktails are served in tin cans! Aesthetically appealing!








#2 – Homemade Sausage Rolls (our special blend of beef, vegetables & green apple, wrapped in golden puff pastry)


A roll from the small time menu bought up sausage rolls! An unusual menu item at most places other than bakeries in Australia or popular as a canape. In Ireland sausage rolls are made of pork, which Elaine swears are far superior than beef ones, we will agree to disagree on that point! These were yummo! fresh crispy pastry, good quality meat and very flavoursome! A great snack with a beer!



          Usually             Score            Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E           No                   9                 Yes

B          Yes                   8                 Yes






#2 – Smoked BBQ Chicken (basted with lemon myrtle, garlic & thyme)

served with Coleslaw & Beer Battered Steak Fries


Unfortunately the chicken and the coleslaw were dry. Sometimes chicken can dry out, but usually a nice moist coleslaw helps make the meal more enjoyable, however in this case both were dry and frankly hard to swallow. The beer battered chips were yum and presented in a cute camping mug. Very charming but did not live up to any hype.


          Usually             Score            Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          Yes          6…4…5…5.5            No

B           No                  6                    Yes


Elaine really wanted to like it!





#4 – Foster’s Battered Fish (crispy battered vegan “fish” served with herb aioli)


We are clearly not vegans. Infact I struggle to think why someone would become a vegan and miss out on all the good things in life! Making vegan food exciting would be a challenge to the chefs, that’s for sure! I think its good that there is a vegan menu, because generally they have to navigate, but this is all out in the open. We rolled the vegan “fish” Elaine loved the herb aioli and “fish” combination, she was pleasantly surprised and appreciated what it must take to make it, without so many products. I on the other hand was baffled, tasting the dish all together it was ok, but if you tasted the “fish” on its own, there was basically zero taste. I’m intrigued by the food but definitely not something I’d go back for.


          Usually             Score            Order

          Order?              /10              Again?


E          No                    7                     No

B          No    1 (against regular dish)     No

                          9 (Vegan dish)


The Sweetwater Inn is very cute and perfect for an after work drink with some bar snacks. We wanted to love it from the moment we walked in, but the food just didn’t live up to our expectations. We ordered a calamari salad which had high reviews on urban spoon, that didn’t arrive, 😦  That may have boosted the scores!

The cocktails are unique and the staff were wonderful and perhaps their focus is on an awesome vibe with drinks and snacks and not so much going for a proper meal. Which is ok, because that is what we would recommend, stop past for a cocktail or two and enjoy the vibe and if you get hungry have something from the snacks menu! (the sausage rolls were delicious!)



            Overall                  Back

          Score /10               Soon?


Elaine      6.5            For a drink & snack

Bez          5              For a drink & snack


Price: One Entree, Two Mains


Total – $45.00 (Two People)


Homemade sausage rolls – $12.00
Smokey bbq chicken- $17.00
Vegan fish – $16.00


E & B xx


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