$$ Parlour Diner, 64 Chapel Street, Windsor




Parlour Diner, is another addition to the now trendy end of Chapel Street, Windsor. Its a small intimate space which makes use of the recycled furniture hipster look. The kitchen is small and out in the open and they must be doing something right, because on a Tuesday night when few people were around Chapel Street, it was bustling.




#4 – Chilli buffalo wings


A sign that you’ve spent too much time in America is that you start to crave buffalo wings! They are a staple over there and something that isn’t so easy to come by in Australia. So I was very excited to try the wings! Elaine thought they were fabulous, I agree with her the crispy, spicy batter was super tasty, however I was disappointed they weren’t traditional buffalo wings, there was no dipping sauce and they were far too large.


        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E          Yes                 9                     Yes

B          Yes                 6                     No





#7 – Original Dog, smoked boerewurst, sweet onion, mustard, tomato sauce and cheese


This was Elaine’s idea of a good hotdog, she liked the toasted bread, the traditional cheese, tomato sauce (or red sauce in Ireland) and mustard.  I found the toasted bread made it harder to eat but I am not a hotdog lover so if you do like yourself a good hotdog, do not take this as gospel, you’ll probably love these!


        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E           No                 7            Maybe/yes

B           No                 5                    No


#10 – Miss Saigon, handmade fish patty, lemongrass, ginger, asian herbs, tomato, slaw & pickles


This isn’t a burger we would both normally order, however we were very pleasantly surprised. The combination of fresh herbs and slaw was crisp and flavoursome. They have definitely created a yummy, unique burger.


        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E           No                8.5                   Yes

B           No                 8                     Yes






The curly fries were crispy and dusted in a delicious spice with a unique dipping sauce, not sure about you, but to us that is pretty close to the perfect hot chip.


        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E          Yes                8.5                   Yes

B          Yes                9.5                   Yes






The onion rings were again served dusted in the tasty spice with the delicious dipping sauce, however there was just too much batter on them, someone was a little heavy handed.


        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E          Yes                  8                     No

B           No                  6                     No




Oreo & Cherry Ripe



Best milkshakes going around! original, large & great combinations. Simply DELICIOUS !


        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E          Yes                10                    Yes

B          Yes                10                    Yes



At Parlour Diner there is no doubt they have created a funky little place with a great atmosphere. They are channeling the American vibe so the meals are quite large which does mean good value for money.

We certainly didn’t leave feeling hungry! Definitely a great place for mates with big appetites to catch up over a burger or hotdog!



          Overall                  Back

        Score /10               Soon?


Elaine    7.5      For a milkshake & quick bite

Bez         6       For a milkshake & fries


Price: Two Entrees, Two Mains, Two Milkshakes


Total – $63 (Two People)


Chilli buffolo wings – $10.00
Curly fries – $5.00
Onion rings – $5.00
Original dog- $12.00
Miss Saigon burger- $16.00
Milkshakes – $7.50 each


E & B xx


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