$ Andrew’s Burgers, 144 Bridport Street West, Albert Park






Andrew’s Hamburgers is a traditional family run burger grill in Albert Park. Its made many ‘best burgers in Melbourne’ lists so we like many others love a good burger and were eager to check it out!




#5 – Traditional Beef (Gluten Free Bun)

Beef pattie, lettuce, cooked onions & tomato sauce

added hand cut pickles


This is the burger we would have both gone for and we weren’t disappointed! Elaine thought it could have been bigger, however there are options to add extra patties. I thought the size was perfect, the meat patty was in proportion with the other things in the burger, it didn’t overpower everything. The fresh ingredients, delicious patty made us see why people had been talking, Andrew’s Burgers do make a mighty fine burger!


        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E          Yes                 8.5                 Yes

B          Yes                  9                   Yes



#6 – Traditional Chicken (Gluten Free Bun)

Whole chicken skinless breast fillet, lettuce, fresh tomato and mayonnaise


When we want a burger, we both head towards the traditional beef option, but WOW this chicken burger is amazing. If we felt like a lighter option for a night we might just stray towards the chicken again. It was fresh, the mayonnaise was delicious, up there with the best chicken burgers we’ve tasted!


        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E         No                   8                    Yes

B         No                  8                     Yes





Hot Chips – Small


As far as hot chips go, these were nothing special. Regular fish & chip style fat chips, they were lacking a wow factor. Traditional perhaps, but could do with an update, simple chicken salt or spice could bring them into the new age.


        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E          Yes                  5                   Yes

B          Yes                  5                   Yes



I had driven past Andrew’s Burgers previously and the outside tables were full with lines out the door! The people have spoken, if a place is that busy most nights of the week, they have to be doing something right!

A lot of places come and go, and right now, burger joints are in hot competition. Some have larger ranges and might have trendy fries or chips, but will they stand the test of time?! Who knows! Andrew’s Burgers has stood the test of time and is still producing delicious burgers!

If you want a traditional awesome burger, this is definitely worth the trip to Albert Park!


          Overall                  Back

        Score /10               Soon?


Elaine      7               For a burger hit!

Bez         8               For a burger hit!


Price: Two Burgers & Small Hot Chips


Total – $23.50 (Two People)


Traditional chicken burger- $9.00
Traditional beef burger – $7.50
Gluten free bun – $2.00
Small hot chips- $3.00


E & B xx


Andrew's Hamburgers on Urbanspoon

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