$$$ Luxembourg Bistro, 2/157 Fitzroy St, St Kilda



Luxembourg Bistro was a recommendation that went into the jar. A cute French bistro on Fitzroy street in St Kilda. Booked out on a Wednesday night, the signs for some good food ahead were looking good! We were also lucky enough to be joined by another special guest Sarah, who had a crash course in the Jarfed rules and leapt right in with an open mind!








#4 – Beef carpaccio, Ortiz anchovy & chilli


This dish was fresh, light and full of flavour! The beef was tender and melted in your mouth, with just the right amount of chilli and salt from the anchovies. It was certainly three yum’s around the table!


        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E           No                 10                Yes

B          Yes                 9                 Yes

S           No                 8                 Yes



#5 – Spiced pastrami & pickled cucumber


Firstly to be upfront, this wasn’t a dish any of us would usually order, it wasn’t that it was bad, because I for one am not the biggest fan of pickles and these were quite tasty, it was that compared to other dishes on the menu, it is just a bit boring!



        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E           No                  4                  No

B           No                  7                  No

S           No                  3                  No



#8 – Grilled squid, cos heart, ink dressing & sea herbs


The squid was tender and the salad was fresh, it is a great dish for a warm summers night, light and healthy, but something was missing, it was a nice dish but it didn’t blow our tastebuds! It just needs that little something added to make it pop and make it memorable.



        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E          Yes                 6.5                No

B          Yes                  6                  No

S           No                  7                  No





#4 – ½ roast chicken, lemon roast potatoes


When I think of roasts, I think of lamb or beef, chicken is a little common and dull, everyone can cook chicken …. Or can they? This dish packed a punch, it was wow wow wow WOW ! From our first mouthful our eyes lit up, this is a memorable dish, this is a dish you tell your friends about, this is a dish you crave and want to go back to a restaurant for! FANTASTIC!



        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E          Yes                   9                Yes

B           No                 10                Yes

S          Yes                 8.5               Yes



#5 – Wild weed & ricotta pie, fennel & cabbage salad



We were all happy with this roll, as it was something different, something not found on every menu. The pasty was light and flakey and the coleslaw was crisp. I don’t think you’d want to order this on its own but as a share dish it’s amazing.



        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E           No                 7.5                 Yes

B           No                  7                   No

                                         (for lunch Yes)

S           No                  6                   No





#1 – Chocolate tart- baked to order, crème Chantilly


The French are well known for their desserts so our expectations were high! I for one was very happy we rolled the chocolate tart! As it states it is baked to order so it was bound to be warm and fresh! We dug in as it arrived at our table, the smell was devine, Sarah and myself were not the biggest fans of the crumble base, but Elaine thought the different textures were amazing. It’s a warm chocolate tart so it’s hard to go wrong but we feel it would have been better accompanied with some French vanilla bean ice-cream rather than cream.


        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E          Yes                 8.5                Yes

B          Yes                  7                  Yes

S          Yes                  7                  Yes



#3 – Yoghurt sorbet, apple, basil granita & white chocolate


By the time dessert was served it was dark! In France meals are to be enjoyed not rushed! So apologies for the photo! It does not do the dessert justice. This dish was perfect for a warm summers night, it’s light and crisp tasting. This wasn’t a dish any of us would usually order so it was a pleasant surprise and very refreshing!



        Usually             Score               Order

        Order?              /10                Again?


E          No                 7.5                 Yes

B          No                 7.5                 Yes

S          No                  8                   Yes



Luxembourg Bistro is a fantastic place for friends to catch up over some great share plates. The meals are tasty on their own but share a few different plates and the experience is taken to a new level. It’s a restaurant where you take your time and savour the flavours.

We thank Sarah for joining us and for being open for the experience! She embraced the Jarfed idea from the get go and is welcome back anytime!



          Overall                  Back

        Score /10               Soon?


Elaine      8.5               Most certainly!

Bez          9                Most certainly!

Sarah      8.5               Most certainly!


Price: Three Entrees, Two Mains, Two Desserts


Total – $153.00 (Three People)


Beef carpaccio – $17.00
Spiced pastrami & pickled cucumber – $14.00
Grilled squid – $23.00
1/2 Roast chicken – $39.00
Wild weed & ricotta pie – $29.00
Chocolate tart – $16.00
Yoghurt sorbet – $15.00


E & B & Special Guest S xx


Luxembourg on Urbanspoon


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