$$$ Cicciolina, 130 Acland Street, St Kilda




Cicciolina entered the Jar after making the Urban List for authentic Italian in Melbourne. Its located on Acland Street in St Kilda so has plenty of competition and also plenty of business with St Kilda’s bustling tourist trade. As per the trend in Melbourne, they don’t take bookings but do have a back bar where people can wait for a table. We went early on a Wednesday night and secured ourselves a table pretty easily!




#3 – Brains wrapped in prosciutto, eggplant and basil, deep fried and served
with burnt butter and sauce piperade


This was not the entree we were hoping for! Apparently the crab souffle is amazing but alas we rolled the lamb brains! which is certainly not every-bodies cup of tea but they were on the menu and the rules are the rules!

This was the second time during Jar-Fed that we had rolled lamb brains and Elaine is particularly not a fan of lamb for emotional reasons but she was willing to put that aside and taste! I was very pleasantly surprised, not a dish either of us would usually order they actually were quite delicious, the prosciutto and the sauce were a fabulous combination and the presentation helped to not think about what they were, fantastic flavour pop!


          Usually             Score          Order

          Order?              /10           Again?


E           No                 7              No

B           No                 9         Potentially






#4 – Scotch fillet 350g chargrilled with mustard butter on a bed of silverbeet


Scotch fillet isn’t our first choice cut of steak, both of us would usually order an eye fillet, it is quite a large serve of 350g, however both of us do enjoy a good steak from time to time. We were divided over the steak, Elaine thought it was amazing from the first mouthful, melted in her mouth and was up there with one of the best steaks she’s eaten! Glowing review! I on the other hand was not impressed, it felt dry and in my opinion very average. I’ve had much better steaks at the local pub.


          Usually             Score          Order

          Order?              /10           Again?


E          Yes                 9.5             Yes

B          Yes                  6               No




#2 – Linguini with Huon Atlantic salmon, braised leek,
capers, baby spinach, olive oil


It’s been close to a year and this was our first Jar-Fed pasta dish! Again we were completely divided! I felt that it was light and summery and the salmon was cooked to perfection. The flavours all really complimented each other. Elaine felt that the dish was over seasoned with lemon and that took away from any other flavours the dish had. These are two main dishes that you might just need to try for yourselves!


          Usually             Score          Order

          Order?              /10           Again?


E          Yes                 6.5             No

B           No                  8              Yes







#4 – Passionfruit Crème Brulee


The crème brulee was crispy ontop like a brulee should be and the custard beneath popped of passionfruit, which was a very nice, different touch to the traditional vanilla custard. It was definitely a nice modern spin on a classic dessert!


          Usually             Score           Order

          Order?              /10            Again?


E          Yes                  9               Yes

B           No                  9               Yes


#2 – Chocolate Panna Cotta with Mint Ice-cream and Honeycomb


This dessert was very different and unique to Cicciolina, which we like, its a dish that you wouldn’t get other places so would make you want to come back. It was however more like a mousse than panna cotta, which was ok, it had a very rich chocolate flavour which the mint ice-cream complimented because it refreshed the dish. The honeycomb popped in your mouth like it should! A side dish of extra honeycomb please!


          Usually             Score          Order

          Order?              /10           Again?


E          Yes                8               Yes

B          Yes                8               Yes



Cicciolina has alot of competition on Acland Street, St Kilda, filled with so many restaurants and bakeries full of amazing cakes! So to stand out from the crowd they have to be spectacular and to put it simply, Cicciolina was not. The food was nice, not amazing and for $30-$40 a main, we would be looking for better value for money.

The service was above average, we had some very bubbly waiters, who were great but the restaurant is quite small and people are jammed in, they are trying to create an intimate feel but when you put that many tables in the area, it makes the space quite loud.

With so much choice, I don’t think we would rush back, for experience vs price we would spend our money elsewhere.



            Overall                  Back

          Score /10               Soon?


Elaine      7            Wouldn’t rush back.

Bez         6            Wouldn’t rush back.



Price: One Entree, Two Mains, Two Desserts


Total – $114 (Two People)


Lamb brains- $15.50
Scotch fillet- $43.50
Salmon Linguini- $30.50
Crème brulee- $17.50
Panacotta- $6.90


E & B xx


Cicciolina on Urbanspoon


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