$$ Captain Baxter, 10-18 Jacka Boulevard, St Kilda





Tonight was going to be a super special Jar-fed, because we had the pleasure of the company of Elaine’s dad Ciaran! Visiting from Ireland we hoped to pick an amazing restaurant out of the Jar to show him some of Melbourne finest taste sensations!


We were stoked when Captain Baxter came out because we had not only heard great things, it would also be a fantastic view of St Kilda Beach for the evening! Located above Republica right on the beach, Captain Baxter is an Asian inspired seafood restaurant / bar with a little extra class.








#2 – king salmon, prawn crackle with soy, lime, ginger & black vinegar


The Jar-fed dice loves a raw fish dish! If there is one on the menu, we will find it! This dish was YUM, strong flavours and a little bit of spice. Ciaran was not blown away by the combination, I thought it was great, light and fresh, up there with the best raw fish dishes I’ve had.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?


E         Yes                 8                No

B         Yes                10               Yes

C          No                 5                No






#4 – tea smoked salmon & green apple on spicy prawn cracker


Salmon was clearly dominating tonight! Our second roll was another salmon dish although completely different from the first. I for one am not a fan smoked salmon, so was not overly excited about this dish. On first bite, it did however change my mind, the tea-smoked salmon didn’t dominate the flavour, it was subtle and the prawn cracker added a crisp unique texture to the dish. Fantastic!


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?


E          No                10               Yes

B          No                 9                Yes

C         Yes                 7                Yes




Glazed beef steamed buns, spiced eggplant & crispy shallot


We didn’t roll for this menu choice, Elaine had ordered them previously and was excited to have them again! Unfortunately they were a bit of a let down, either she was really hungry last time or they were better. These lacked filling and therefore lacked flavour, the filling that was there was nice but, there just wasn’t enough of it, which made the buns dry.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?


E         Yes                 6                No

B         Yes                 6                No

C          No                 6                No








#1 – Char siu pork, steamed buns, hoisin, daikon & cucumber


Bao is becoming huge in Melbourne, popping up at restaurants everywhere, not so common in Ireland so Ciaran was new to the bao sensation! The bread was light and fluffy like it should be and the ingredients to put inside were tasty and fresh! All in all it was delicious but we have had better.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?


E         Yes                7.5              Yes

B         Yes                 8                Yes

C          No                 8                Yes






#1 – BBQ wagyu beef skewers with fragrant herbs, japanese pickles, bean shoot salad & rice cake


This dish doesn’t look like much, a bit clustered on the plate, but it was all about quality and flavour, the wagyu beef was so tender and absolutely delicious with the sauce. The rice cakes were unique and quite tasty, it was a very easy dish to share.



          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?


E         Yes                 9                Yes

B         Yes                 9                Yes

C         Yes                 9                Yes






#2 – salted caramel peanut poppers


By the time dessert came around, we were all pretty full! So we were happy to roll what seemed like a small-ish dish, although we had no idea what to expect!

Think Ferrero Rocher type chocolate, although there was a hard caramel inside and popping candy. The chocolate was cold perhaps a little too cold which make it hard to eat. Not a traditional dessert in my opinion, maybe an after dinner chocolate with a coffee.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?


E         Yes                 3                No

B          No                 3                No

C          No                 3                No



Captain Baxter has everything going for it, a prime location with fantastic views of St Kilda Beach and some really fantastic unique dishes, but the place is just missing that x factor, the ambiance that takes it to the next level.


The space makes a fantastic bar and if it was busy you could see that there would be a buzzing vibe but as a restaurant its too loud and open and seems confused about what it is trying to be, the menu isn’t cheap, yet the look and atmosphere is far more casual.


Having said this, if the food was to speak for itself, the overall score would be far higher! There were many unique qualities and touches which made the food memorable, but overall scores on restaurants are about the whole experience.


            Overall                  Back

          Score /10               Soon?


Elaine        7               If I am in the area

Bez           7               Maybe for a drink & snack

Ciaran       7               It’s a long way from Ireland!



Price: One Raw, Two Snacks, One DIY, One Larger & One dessert


Total – $116.50 (Three People) – $38 per person


King salmon- $17.00
Tea smoked salmon on prawn cracker- $14.00
Glazed Beef steamed buns- $15.00
DIY char siu pork, steamed bun -$24.50
BBQ wagyu beef skewers- $35.00
Salted caramel peanut poppers- $11.00



E & B xx
Captain Baxter on Urbanspoon


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