$ Sauced Pasta Bar, 148 Chapel Street, Windsor






Sauced Pasta Bar is located at the Windsor end of Chapel, and yes we all know what that means, plenty of competition! They have grown since they first opened in late 2013, I had been once when they were having some teething problems and perfecting the menu, that day they didn’t have a lot to choose from, which ultimately ended in us moving to another place down the road for dinner, not ideal! These days it was busy on a freezing Melbourne Wednesday night so they must have sorted out the little issues!




Sauced Chips

Sauced signature Parmesan dusted chips



Who doesn’t love hot chips! especially on cold nights! These were DELICIOUS ! Hot, crispy, heaps of parmesan, tasty aoili dipping sauce (of which there were a few dipping sauces to choose from), We could not fault them and if you are feeling lazy they are available on menulog too! YUM!



          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?


E        Yes                 10               Yes

B        Yes                 10               Yes




Sauce – #12 – Broccolini

Fresh chilli, basil pesto, garlic & baby broccolini


Pasta – #4 – Spiral


The concept is simple, One – choose your sauce, Two – choose your pasta/veggies. We rolled Broccolini sauce and spiral pasta, which did work well together, thankfully! We both love broccolini and there was only a few random pieces so we would have been happy for some more, there was a slight kick with the chilli but not too overpowering, it was a different pasta that we wouldn’t normally order but was tasty and probably popular.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?


E         No                  6               No

B         No                  7               No




Sauce – #1 – Napolitano

Tomato, fresh garlic, onion & basil


Pasta – #Ravioli

Roasted pumpkin, sauteed onion & pecorino


We both would usually order the pumpkin ravioli, but Elaine usually would with a different sauce. Sometimes classics just work and I think this is the case with this dish, the classic sauce works really well with pumpkin raviolli.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?


E         No                  8             Yes/Maybe

B        Yes                 8                Yes



There was defiantly a good crowd for a Wednesday night, gone are the takeaway boxes the pasta used to be served in and replaced with large bowls which are nicer to eat out of. The ambiance is really cool and its nice to see all the meals being cooked in the open kitchen.


The pasta isn’t as fresh as it could be, seeing as it is the star of the show! I guess it depends what you choose, as to when it was made and the wine is served in a cup, which lowers the overall score. Its those little things that could be improved for the price.


            Overall                  Back

          Score /10               Soon?


Elaine       7                      Yes

Bez         7.5                    Yes



Price: One Entree & Two Pastas


Total – $39.00 (Two People)


Sauced chips – $5.00
Ravioli Pasta & Classic Sauce- $15.00
Spiral Pasta & Gourmet Sauce- $19.00


E & B xx


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