$$ 400 Gradi, 99 Lygon Street, Brunswick East




Sometimes as we are picking our restaurant out of the jar for the week we think where would we love to go, what cuisine are we craving?! This week by luck I was thinking Italian and that 400 Gradi would be awesome! We welcomed back two former guests Brian and Oisin, two weeks in a row for Oisin, he’s getting a taste for this! and a new guest and some would say food snob Catherine.

400 Gradi boasts the world renowned #1 Margherita in the world as won at the Pizza World Championships so we knew that had to be ordered! The rest as usual would be chosen at random.








#9 – Carpaccio di Manzo – Beef carpaccio with baby rocket, shaved parmesan, capers and truffle dressing


This was the antipasti dish most of us wanted so we were very happy when we rolled it! Because there was 5 of us we decided we would get two to share. Catherine felt like there was a great balance of strong flavours. The rest of us were underwhelmed with rocket dominating the plate, the beef was unable to shine through.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E         Yes                  7               No

R         Yes                  5               No

B         No                   8               No

O         No                   6               No

C         Yes                  8               Yes






Margherita Verace – San Marzano tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil


The big question is….. Did the Margherita live up to its #1 in the world status? Yes, yes it did! The base was woodfired and delicious, The napoli sauce was fresh and tasty, Elaine deducted half a point because she felt like it needed a little more basil.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E         Yes                 9.5            Yes

R         Yes                 10             Yes

B         Yes                 10             Yes

O         Yes                  9              Yes

C          No                 10             Yes



#10 – Superma -Pizza in bianco, Fior di latte, Pumpkin, pinenuts, rocket and goats cheese


Once again the base was amazing! The pumpkin was just cooked and had a crunch, which split the table, some people would have preferred it to be cooked further, others thought it was delicious. I am not the biggest fan of goats cheese but the combination with pumpkin, rocket and pinenuts was yum.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E         Yes                9.5             Yes

R         Yes                9.5             Yes

B          No                 7               No

O          No                 9               Yes

C         Yes                 9               Yes



Paste e Risotto



#5 – Pasta Paccheri rigate cooked with duck ragu


The pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente, beautifully fresh handmade pasta. The Ragu was rich and tasty, definitely a satisfying dish, although among other dishes we order it wasn’t a crowd favourite.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E          No                  7              No

R          No                  8              No

B         Yes                  8             Yes

O         No                  8              Yes

C        Yes                 6.5             No






#2 – Grigliata Mista di Pesce – Daily selection of mixed grilled seafood


The seafood platter was difficult to split between five but would be plenty for one person, which it is meant for. Catherine felt like char-grilling everything took away from the flavours of the individual seafood. The prawns were absolutely delicious, the second best Brian has tasted but the octopus was slightly chewy.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E        Yes                   8             Yes

R        Yes                   7             Yes

B        Yes                   8             Yes

O         No                  7.5            No

C        Yes                   5              No



Pizza Dolce



#1 – Nutella Calzone


Calzone is not a dessert that any of us would usually choose. The dessert pizza was a great share dish if you have a group of people but not something you would order on your own, again the ice-cream was a let down but the calzone was delicious and full of Nutella.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E         No                  8.5               No

R         No                   8           Yes (to share)

B         No                   7                No

O         No                 7.5               No

C         No                   8                No






#3 – Pannacotta al miele – Honey Pannacotta with Sticky Vincotto


The pannacotta was smooth and creamy, a beautifully presented dessert. It was Oisin’s first pannacotta experience, difficult to split between 5 but we tried nonetheless! A lighter way to finish off a meal and cleanse the palette after a feast.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E         Yes                  10             Yes

R         Yes                  10             Yes

B         No                   10             No

O         No                   8              Yes

C         Yes                  9              Yes



#5 – Tortino al Cioccolato – Chocolate fondant served with vanilla ice cream


The fondant was warm and oozing with rich chocolate, it was delicious! what let this dish down was the ice-cream, it tasted stock standard, perhaps not home-made? could have been a 10 with home-made vanilla bean ice-cream.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E         Yes                  9              Yes

R         Yes                  9              Yes

B         Yes                  9              Yes

O         Yes                  9              Yes

C         No                 9.5              Yes



Did the hype of the worlds number 1 Margherita live up to its name? ABSOLUTELY! The pizzas at 400 Gradi are delicious, the wood fired base is slightly smokey but not over powering, if you are looking for a fresh quality pizza look no further!

This place is bustling, along the heavily competitive Lygon street, 400 Gradi was busy busy and that’s usually a good sign in itself, the food was all of top quality and the service was fantastic.

They lose a few marks for ambiance, the place does have a good feel but the concrete interior makes it quite loud and the chairs are old school and uncomfortable! An overall score is about the whole experience.

Would we make the trek back the answer is YES!



                  Overall                  Back

                Score /10               Soon?

Elaine                8               Definitely!

Rebecca (Bez)    8               Definitely!

Brian               8.5              Definitely!

Oisin               8.5              Definitely!

Catherine         9                Definitely!



Price: Two Starters, Two Pizzas, Two Mains, Three Desserts

Total – $221 (Five People) – $44.20 per person

Carpaccio di Manzo- $21.00 each
Margherita Verace- $22.00
Suprema- $24.00
Duck Paccheri- $29.00 
Grigliata Mista di Pescoe- $45.00
Pannacotta  – $25.00
Tortino al Cioccolato – $16.00
Calzone Nutella Grande- $18.00


E & B xx


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