$$$ – Lucy Liu, 23 Oliver Lane, Melbourne






Lucy Liu is describes itself as an “eclectic multicultural Asian eating & drinking space designed to cater for people wanting Asian sharing tastes with cool drinks in a buzzy, stylish and fun street food environment” which pretty much sums up the feeling you get when you walk in, with entrances on Flinders Street and Oliver Lane its right in the middle of the trendy Flinders Lane block of restaurants.





Organic Tofu with peanut satay & cucumber


This was the item on the small bites menu we wanted least! mainly because of the tofu! but we followed the rules and ordered it because we have been pleasantly surprised in the past! The satay sauce was amazing, YUM, but tofu just doesn’t have enough flavour and the portion of tofu to satay was too high in the tofu’s favour, it was nice but a bit bland.


          Usually             Score         Order

          Order?              /10          Again?


E         No                  6.5             No

B         No                  6               No





Crispy Pork Bun with spicy kimchi & kewpie mayo


The bao was delicious fresh fluffy bread and the filling with the kewpie mayo and crispy pork was very tasty, the only thing that let this dish down was the amount of filling! it needed more pork inside add another piece of pork and it would be up there with some of the best in Melbourne!


        Usually             Score         Order

        Order?              /10          Again?


E         Yes                  7.5            Yes

B         Yes                  7               Yes





Cured ocean trout with banana blossom, green apple, red chilli & Thai herbs


Wow absolutely delicious! fresh and tasty and the right amount of chilli, the flavour hit you and was crisp and powerful! Again if there was a little bit more ocean trout it would have raised the dish up to elite status, the ocean trout was just a tad too scarce.


        Usually             Score         Order

        Order?              /10          Again?


E         Yes                8.5            Yes

B         Yes                 9              Yes





Crispy fried szechuan duck with watercress salad & tamarind sesame dressing


Lucy Liu spiced green apple coleslaw


In the words of Elaine, “the duck was sensational!” we had never tasted duck like that, the skin was superb and crispy and the meat was tender and not too fatty which is a problem that duck can have, duck is heavy so the recommendation to have it with a side was a great one from our waitress. We choose the spiced green apple coleslaw which cut through the heaviness of the duck on our palate perfectly.


        Usually             Score         Order

        Order?              /10          Again?


E         Yes                10            Yes

B         Yes               10             Yes





Ginger crème brûlée palm sugar caramel & sesame tuile


Crème brûlée YUMMO ! The ginger taste didn’t really shine through which would have made it super special but it was still delicious and the sesame tuile was thin and sweet. For Elaine this was the best brûlée she had eaten!


        Usually             Score         Order

        Order?              /10          Again?


E         Yes               10             Yes

B          No               9               Yes



Chocolate Dulce De Leche with blood orange foam


This was a different dessert, the blood orange foam was light and absolutely delicious on-top of a mousse/gelato rich chocolate mix. The orange foam cut through the richness of the chocolate. If you love a choc/orange combination this is a winner!


        Usually             Score         Order

        Order?              /10          Again?


E          No              8.5             Yes

B         Yes              10              Yes




Lucy Liu is a cool space with interesting 3D place mats which double as the menu. There’s a great bustling vibe and the service is amazing.

The menu is small which means they have perfected what they offer, everything we had was delicious and fresh crisp flavours, you could definately go in for a quick meal or spend a bit more time enjoying yourself and the range of cocktails.

We will for sure be back again!



            Overall                  Back

          Score /10               Soon?


Elaine      8.5               Yes, Definitely!

Bez         9.5               Yes, Definitely!




Price: One Small Bite, One Dumplings & Buns, One Plate, One Larger, Two Desserts


Total – $62.50 (Two People)


Tofu with peanut satay – $7 each
Crispy pork bun- $9 each
Cured ocean trout salad- $20.00
Crispy fried duck- $35.00
Coleslaw- $8.00
Creme brulee – $15.00
Chocolate dulce de leche -$15.00


E & B xx


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2 thoughts on “$$$ – Lucy Liu, 23 Oliver Lane, Melbourne

  1. Love your food blogging 🙂 I get excited each time I receive and email about your most recent post! My husband and I are booked in at Lucy Lui this Saturday night and reading this review has made us even more excited! Glad to see you guys liked the menus. My sign-writer husband played a part in making them 😉


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