$$ Toko, 142 Greville St, Prahran






Toko Melbourne is located in Greville Street, Prahran. The food and style are based around “Izakaya” dining which is an informal Japanese bar or restaurant that serves high end food and similar to Spanish tapas the meals are designed to be shared by all.

Tonight we were joined by a special guest, Bianca who at first seemed a little wary but was willing to give everything a try!








#3 – Taraba gani to soba no sarada

king crab, soba noodles, cucumber, tomato, wasabi dressing


The crab salad was delicious, fresh and tasty. There was a good amount of crab but some of us felt the tomato tended to over power the dish and take away from the delicate crab meat flavour. One that we would all definitely get again!


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E       Yes                    7               Yes

R       Yes                    9               Yes

B       No                     8               Yes






#3 – Yasai Tempura

seasonal vegetable tempura, dashi broth


The tempura was crispy and delicate, it didn’t have that oily feel you can sometimes get. Who doesn’t like their veggies fried! If vegetables always tasted this delicious, kids would always eat them first!


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E       Yes                     9              Yes

R       Yes                     8              Yes

B       Yes                     6              Yes








#4 – Freshwater Eel


The eel was the scary roll for the evening, we weren’t sure if it was going to come out raw and how we would feel about it. Bianca and I were not fans, I found it really ‘fishy’ and overpowering. Elaine thought the texture was a bit fatty and didn’t like that but found the overall flavour quite nice.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E        No                   7.5             No

R        No                    4               No

B        No                    7               No



#3 – Snapper


The snapper was great quality however didn’t have a lot of flavour, not a sashimi dish Elaine or I would get again if we could choose our own fish, we would choose a fish that had a lot more taste, probably a good one to get people started on sashimi though!


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E       Yes                  6.5              No

R       Yes                  8                 No

B       No                  7.5               Yes






#4 – Ebi tempura maki

prawn tempura, avocado, cucumber, inside out, tenkasu


This dish was yum but nothing special all the ingredients were fresh and presented beautiful but it didn’t blow anyone’s socks off, not something you can’t get at any Japanese venue.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E       Yes                    8              Yes

R       Yes                  7.5             Yes

B        No                  7.5             Yes









#4 – Butabara bara to kojichan miso

Double cooked pork belly, spicy korean miso


The pork belly had an amazing flavour, it was grilled to perfection, if you are a fan of pork belly which a lot of people are then this is definitely a must get dish!


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E       Yes                   9               Yes

R       No                   10              No

B       No                   8                No






Broccolini no goma yaki

broccolini, sesame dressing


Recommended by our waitress, we can see why its a favourite, classic sesame dressing on top of fresh broccolini, its always going to be a winner.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E       Yes                  10              Yes

R       Yes                  8                Yes

B       Yes                 8.5              Yes






#3 – Yoghurt no pannacotta to kankitsu

yoghurt pannacotta, citrus fruits, lychee jelly, almond, coconut sorbet


Both desserts were presented beautifully. This was a great way to finish a meal, it wasn’t too heavy and the coconut ice-cream was delicious. The flavours bought the thought of summer to your mind!


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E       No                     8                No

R       Yes                   10               Yes

B       No                   8.5               Yes



Coffee sundae no yamazaki whiskey gake

coffee mousse, chocolate sorbet, honeycomb, whiskey foam


This dessert was a standout, you could taste all the individual flavours and teamed together it was a dessert party in your mouth! very rich and decadent!


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E       Yes                   9               Yes

R       Yes                   8               Yes

B       Yes                  9.5             Yes


Toko has a cool hip vibe to it, with a touch of class. The staff were all fabulous and very attentive and helpful! The food was all really fresh, well presented and spaced perfectly through out the evening.

Overall we had a great experience and if you are looking for some more authentic Japanese food rather than Asian fusion this is the place to go!


            Overall                  Back

          Score /10               Soon?

Elaine       7.5                   Yes

Bez           9                     Definitely!

Bianca      8.5                  Definitely!


Price: Seven share dishes & two desserts

Total – $142.00 (Three People)

King Crab Salad- $21.80
Tempura Veg – $16.80
Snapper – $10.20
Eel – $13.60
Prawn Rice roll – $14.20
Pork Belly – $14.20 + $7.40 (one extra)
Broccolini – $12.20
Panna Cotta – $15.80
Yamazaki Sundae – $15.80


E & B xx


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