$$ DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar, 295 Drummond Street, Carlton





D.O.C. describes themselves as “real Italian eating and age old simplicity refreshed with contemporary flair. A celebration of heritage. A joy in sharing. Authentic, exuberant and outrageously Italian.” The menu is simple, cured meats, fresh cheese and the pizza is Rome style thinner bases with simple toppings.

Tonight we were re-joined by our friend Bianca which was great because Italian food is hearty and we get to try more variety when friends join!








Antipasto DOC – daily assortment of selected antipasto ingredients


There wasn’t really a large selection of entree’s so we ordered the antipasto dish so we could have a taste of what DOC had to offer. It was a great start to the meal, there was a fantastic selection of quality cured meats, spectacular unique smokey mozzarella, a tasty salmon scroll and delicious fried olives. The let downs were the bread sticks and the green olives. Overall a very high quality antipasto dish.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E        Yes                  8.5            Yes

R        Yes                   8              Yes

B        Yes                  7.5            Yes






#4 – Pizza Abruzzese – porchetta, sliced apple mustard, mozzarella & radicchio


This isn’t a pizza any of us would usually order and none of us had ever tried anything similar, so we were hesitant. However Elaine and I especially were pleasantly surprised, The radicchio was a bit bitter at times and the apple was a little uneven so sometimes the balance of flavours was a little off, but we were all impressed, Bianca wouldn’t order it again but she still enjoyed the combination.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E         No                    9              Yes

R         No                    9              Yes

B         No                    7              No



#15 – Calzone – mozzarella, fresh ricotta, spinach, double smoked leg ham & grated reggiano


It took awhile for Elaine to click that the calzone was the folded over pizza! It was good though we got to try a variety of what was on offer. We all thought the mozzarella was delicious, amazingly fresh that had a sharp crisp flavour and the dough was incredible. Elaine thought the whole calzone was lacking in flavour but Bianca and I had higher opinions, maybe we got most of the smoked ham and spinach in our pieces and they were more balanced.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E         No                   7               No

R         No                  10              Yes

B         No                 8.5              Yes






#4 – Riso Nero – black rice, roasted root vegetables, toasted pinenuts, goats cheese, rocket & vincotto


This was a different kind of salad but Elaine was happy to not roll the one with only lettuce! Black rice usually divides people, you either like it or you don’t! It was something different and not something you’d get everywhere. Probably wouldn’t be our first choice if we were to pick but it was a good accompaniment to our pizzas.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E         No                   8              Yes

R         No                   8              Yes

B         No                   6              No






Sweet Pizza – Belgian white chocolate, fresh strawberries & vanilla bean ice-cream


We completely caved and cheated and didn’t order what we rolled and ordered the dessert pizza because “when in Rome!”. Did we regret our decision, no siree! We have been waiting for fresh home made vanilla bean ice cream, so many desserts are let down by poor quality ice cream.

This was exceptional, all elements were pretty close to perfect, Bianca didn’t get a lot of white chocolate on her third and that’s what she deducted a point for. My only complaint was that it could be a touch bigger!




          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E        Yes                  10              Yes

R        Yes                  10              Yes

B        Yes                   9               Yes



D.O.C lived up to it’s Italian reputation like we hoped, the atmosphere was charming and the Italian accents were thick! With a walk-in only policy we definitely recommend getting there early by 6.30pm the place was full!

All the food was fantastic, high quality ingredients in simple formats. The wood fired bases were delicious and not too heavy. This is up there with the best pizza in Melbourne and some would say rivals 400 Gradi for top spot, which is a HUGE compliment!


            Overall                  Back

          Score /10               Soon?

Elaine        9                Yes, Soon Please!

(R) Bez      9                Yes, Soon Please!

Bianca       9                Yes, Soon Please!



Price: One Antipasto Starter, Two Mains, One Side & One Dessert

Total – $95.60 (Three People)


Antipasto- $24.90
Pizza- $20.90
Calzone – $20.90
Riso Nero – $16.00
Dessert- $12.90
E & B xx


DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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