$$ Le Bon Ton, 51 Gipps St, Collingwood





Le Bon Ton’s menu is inspired by Southern American BBQ meats. Pit smoked meats, burgers and sides to accompany these dishes, think mac & cheese, pickles, chicken ribs and brisket.

American style restaurants are massive in Melbourne so we were excited to check out this place and see what it had to offer!





#8 – Texas Caviar -Black eyed peas & pico de gallo with white flour tortilla chips & ancho chili crema


We were confused at the start about the texas caviar which made it interesting, but it was delicious, fresh bean mix with crisp tortilla chips, a great starter to our meal.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E         No                   8               Yes

B         No                   8               Yes






#4 – Chicken (1/2) – Basted in apple BBQ sauce


Chicken is a dish we both usually cook at home and don’t tend to order out, but this was amazing and why maybe sometimes we should! The sauce was super tasty, we both loved it! Most of the chicken was tender and moist, however there were a few smaller pieces which were a little dry, which Elaine unluckily put on her plate.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E         No                   7               No

B        No                   10              Yes



#1 – Brisket (1/2 lb) Grain-fed Riverina Angus beef


The brisket was delicious and tender and the serve was a decent size! It was pretty close to being perfection, Elaine has had better so it did lose a point, but this was the best I’d tasted!


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E        Yes                   9               Yes

B        Yes                  10              Yes






#2 – Mac & 3 Cheese – Cheddar, American & Swiss


Yum!! The mac & cheese wasn’t oily which can be a problem! Great proportions between cheese & macaroni, a great accompaniment to the meat.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E        Yes                   8              Yes

B        Yes                   9              Yes



#3 -Tangy Coleslaw With cabbage, carrot & onion


Fantastic coleslaw it had a great combination and fresh creamy mayo. Reminded Elaine of coleslaw she gets at home not some of the packet rubbish you can get here!


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E        Yes                  10              Yes

B        Yes                  10              Yes



#7 -Seasoned Fries With spicy ketchup & aioli


Everyone loves fries! These had a delicious seasoning that was yum but weren’t anything you’d rave about, they were better than average but not the best we’ve ever had.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E        Yes                   7              Yes

B        Yes                   7              Yes






#3 – Pumpkin Pie – with white chocolate mousse, caramel sauce and spiced candied walnuts


Elaine really wanted to finish off the night with pumpkin pie as neither of us had ever had it before, we got lucky and rolled pumpkin pie! We both think it would taste better warmed up over being cold, it was ok but probably not something we would order again!


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E        No                  6.5             No

B        No                   6               No



Overall Le Bon Ton is a quaint pub that is unassuming from the outside. The decor suits the southern feel and the smaller rooms make it a little bit more intimate especially with the fires over winter!

The food is worth the trip! It was all delicious and the service was fantastic! We will definitely be back soon! Loved it!




            Overall                  Back

          Score /10               Soon?

Elaine       9                 Take us back!

Bez         9.5                Take us back!


Price: One Entree, Two Meats, Three Sides, One Dessert

Total – $85.50 (Two People)

Texas Caviar – $8.50
Brisket – $24.00
Chicken – $16.00
Fries – $7.00
Mac & Cheese – $9.50
Coleslaw – $8.50
Pumpkin Pie – $12.00

E & B xx


Le Bon Ton Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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