$$$ Gingerboy, 27-29 Crossley St, Melbourne



Gingerboy claim to be Melbourne’s original fusion hawker restaurant tucked away in one of Melbourne’s lane way’s, its a bit off the beaten path and a restaurant that is tucked away from foot traffic so without its great reputation we might not have put it in the jar.





#4 – Barramundi dumplings with yellow curry, prawn floss

Wow, there were DELICIOUS ! They blew both of ours minds and we were excited for the night we were in store for after such a great start. The dumplings had a super thin coating and the yellow curry couldn’t have been packed with more flavour.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E          No                 10             Yes

B         Yes                10              Yes






#10 – Hot and numbing wagyu spring rolls, cashew soy

Extremely fresh crispy pastry you could tell these were straight from the fryer to the table without delay. The pasty was super thin and crispy, the flavour inside was a bit odd, maybe an acquired taste, the sauce as suggested was hot but complimented them well.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E          No                  6               No

B         Yes                 7               Maybe



#8 – Asian mushroom san choi bao, lup cheong and crispy shallots

Vegetarian dishes are harder to win us over but this was so flavorsome, all the different mushrooms burst in your mouth, we would have liked a little more lettuce so we could have made more wraps but aside from that it was a winner.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E          No                 8.5            Yes

B         Yes                 10             Yes






#9 – Red duck leg curry, thai basil and coconut cream

Duck isn’t Elaine’s favourite choice of protein but the duck was cooked to perfection it fell off the bone, however we felt the dish could have definitely been better with more sauce and more vegetables it was a little plain, especially for the price and promise of it being saucy by the waitress.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E          No                  7             Maybe

B         Yes                 7              Yes






Crispy fried sweet corn cakes

These were to soak up the sauce of the curry, however a bit disappointing as there was no sauce to soak up! They were delicious and light and fluffy and would be great for a group, the serve was a bit too big for a table of 2.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E        Maybe                7             No

B           No                  7             No






Macadamia financier, coconut sago, mango sorbet

The dessert was a good finish to the meal it was light and fresh and a great palette cleanser, it didn’t leave you with the feeling you needed to be rolled out of the restaurant.


          Usually            Score          Order

          Order?              /10          Again?

E          No                 6.5           Maybe

B         No                   6              No



Gingerboy was bustling for a restaurant that you had to know where it was to find it, so much so it felt a little bit squished, the tables were all very close together and crammed in. We felt like the service was a little blasé and casual for the price of the overall meal.

We feel there are other hawker style restaurants that have popped up and offer better value for your money.



            Overall                  Back

          Score /10               Soon?

Elaine       7         Maybe in a group situation

Bez         6.5       Maybe in a group situation



Total – $123.50 (Two People)

Dumplings – $20.00
Spring Rolls – $20.00
Mushroom San Choi- $14.00
Duck- $44.00
Corn- $9.50
Dessert – $16.00


E & B xx
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