About Jarfed

We are two work buddies who live in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, rated as the worlds most liveable city, I’m sure for a variety of reasons, a main one being we have a standout foodie scene, with an abundance of choice, however once you find somewhere you love, its hard to move on!

Old favourites become a weekly tradition, but with so much on offer we didn’t want to miss out on taste sensations that we could love. Myself (Bez) born and bred in Melbourne and Elaine an Irish lass who took a chance, jumped on a plane and landed half way around the world brainstormed a hobby revolving around trying new places, new food and being open to new experiences.

With a varied selection of restaurants chosen, from word of mouth, places we’ve seen, blogs we’ve read and top rating restaurants based on cuisine on urban spoon and put into ‘The Jar’ it was decided pay day, which occurs fortnightly was a logical choice to spoil ourselves!

After bringing the idea to work, it snowballed and further suggestions were made to make sure we truly were trying new things and being open. Taking the menu choice out of our hands, we will use a random number generator and count the menu for our selection, An Entree (to be shared)… Main (each) and Dessert (to be shared) will be purchased and hopefully eaten!!

We are slightly apprehensive and very excited, to share our experiences and get out of our comfort zones. Hopefully we will find some savage* new cuisines, dishes and restaurants that will become regular haunts!

*savage = Irish for brilliant.

“The Jar”

the jar

The original list!



As Melbourne is ever expanding, new places are always opening and secret gems can be hidden away, new entries are always welcome, please don’t hesitate to give us any suggestions.

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