The Rules

As the idea grew… rules began to emerge, they would make sure we had a plan of attack… Would be sure to try new things & not break the bank!

  1. The restaurant will be picked out of The Jar on the day at approximately lunchtime.
  2. If the restaurant requires a booking we will try and squeeze in, however if we cannot go that day OR agree to a day the following week, the restaurant will be put back in The Jar and a new one will be chosen. (in the hope, next time we might strike it lucky and get a late booking!)
  3. The menu will be divided into sections, Entree, Main & Dessert.
  4. An ENTREE (shared) MAIN (each) and DESSERT (shared) will be purchased.
  5. We will use the random number generator on our phone and enter how many choices are available for each course, for example if there are 10 entrees, we will enter 10, and a random number between 1-10 will be selected.
  6. The random number is the menu choice to be ordered
  7. If we get the same random number for Main, then the person who got it second rolls again.
  8. Maximum spend of $100 each for the three courses (This rules out any $130 lobsters and us being broke for two weeks!)
  9. Additional items can be purchased if they take our fancy, however the random number meal must be eaten first.
  10. Any disagreements on the menu, as to what is entree or main or any other problems that might arise will be determined by the Judge (Michael, a fellow colleague)
  11. We must at least try the dish (fingers crossed they are all yummy and we finish them!)
  12. FRIENDS are more than welcome to join any time, the more the merrier!! HOWEVER they must also participate in the rules !!


Remember rule 11… come and have some fun with us and try something new !


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